About Us

Shoalhaven Nannies is a family run business based on the South Coast, NSW. Established in 2010 we provide a unique approach to supporting you, your families and your organisation through the provision of quality, tailored childminding care options:

  • at home
  • accommodation facilities
  • functions
  • corporate events
  • weddings

Through a trusted and personalised process, we help you find the perfect nanny to fit your specific family circumstances.

Shoalhaven Nannies provide dependable and flexible child care services to families. We meet their changing requirements by recruitmenting

  • professional,
  • dedicated and
  • passionate individuals

who also provide positive role models for our client’s children.

We ensure you are respected and valued as unique individuals irrespective of

  • age,
  • gender,
  • language,
  • cultural background,
  • religious beliefs and
  • disabilities.

We understand the importance of finding a Carer that you feel secure in leaving their children with. You can be assured we provide you only with the

  • best,
  • mature,
  • most suitably qualified,

professional Nannies and Babysitters.

We spend a great deal of time searching for and finding our Carer’s. Our expectations are high in evaluation of their suitability to represent Shoalhaven Nannies.

Meet the Directors

Melinda Robertson

About Shoalhaven Nannies Directors

Melinda has over twenty years experience working with children in multiple capacities.

Melinda has extensive Formal Child Care experience in Long Day Care and Pre-Schools.

She understands the role of a Nanny from 10 years experience as a Professional Nanny working with many families in her career.

Melinda works in conjunction with families and Shoalhaven Nannies to provide unique specialised service to help each family find the best possible match for their family.

Richelle Robertson

Richelle has 7 years experience in Events and Staff Management.

Richelle’s extensive experience as a Bookkeeper and Accounts Payable. Has worked with many marketing promotional staffing agencies and provided valuable in-house management skills.

Shoalhaven Nannies Philosophy

Our Mission

  • Provide quality in-home child care services in the South Coast.
  • Provide support to Carers, Families and Children that are unequalled in the South Coast.
  • Be a business that honours community interaction and involvement.
  • Be unique and imaginative with regards to the services we provide.


  • We believe that every child has a right to access safe and nurturing care
  • We believe in providing a safe, healthy, caring and challenging environment for children in the home environment stimulating each child’s learning and development.
  • We believe each child and family is individual and should be treated as individuals
  • We believe the early years form an important foundation for the development of skills needed for life.
  • We believe it’s important to develop partnerships with families to support friendly and regular communication. Which will trust and respect each family’s cultural background and child rearing practices.
  • We believe Carers and families using our services have a unique opportunity to provide a strong support network to children – that can extend beyond the relationship of just a Carer.

Code of Conduct

  • The safety of the children is our top priority and our conduct will always reflect this.
  • We are respectful, caring and considerate and we reserve dignity, equality and diversity of all others.
  • We cooperate with others and recognise that: “by working together greater outcomes will be achieved”.
  • We constantly seek opportunities to learn, evolve and improve upon our services