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Wedding and Event Care

Have you thought about the Children?

Many Couples agonise over the question of whether to invite children to their wedding.

A wedding is such a special day to share with friends and family and often a number of those special people include babies and young children. Quite often they can really make the day and give you a nice family feel. To take the pressure off we want to help make the day run as smooth and hassle free as possible, and make the day just as special for the little ones!

It is becoming more and more popular for couples to choose to have children at their wedding. We offer peace of mind to parents so that they can relax and enjoy the occasion knowing that they are in the care of qualified, experienced, mature, and professional Daisycare Babysitters. The children enjoy themselves, and are able to partake with the rest of the family and feel involved.

Make it Clear Who’s Invited

Don’t forget there is no right or wrong answer its Your Wedding! Your Day!

It needs to be made crystal clear who is included on invitations so that parents can make plans. If no children are allowed at the Ceremony or Reception then this will assist them in making the decision to bring the children with them and get a Babysitter for the night or leave them at home.

“Children at the ceremony, we’d love them on the scene.

Reception time, however, is an adult’s only theme.”

After your invitation is sent (or better yet, before), make a call to your friends and family who have children to explain that your wedding is or isn’t child-friendly. “This is an especially effective approach if you’re worried about a stubborn friend or flaky relative bringing her children against your wishes. A telephone call is a great way to let the parents know that their children will be well taken care of at the wedding.

Having no Children at the wedding could be about wanting to give guests who are parents a ‘night off’. Some guests want kids to be able to share the special moments with their children and then want to be able to relax at the Reception and enjoy their evening. There are plenty of ways to have kids there, part of the celebration and cared for when it gets late. A wedding is such a special day to share with friends and family including babies and young children. It’s a big occasion to bring all the family together and often it is a very early, exciting busy day for all.

Ceremony — Yes, Reception — No?

“Ceremony only” invitations to children might seem like a great idea but think of the mothers who not only have to get themselves ready but also get the children dressed in their good or new clothes, sometimes for such a short period of time. If some children are staying on and some are going home after the ceremony there’s nothing’s worse to a child than seeing other children head off to a party while they have to head home.

Keeping children entertained can be difficult at the best of times and with all the details you need to organise for your wedding it is easy to overlook your younger guests. Children have short attention spans, to expect children, especially small ones, to sit quietly during the wedding or reception is to deny the very energetic, exuberant nature of who they are.

Another way to keep the children safe entertained and under control during the celebrations is to use our specialised Wedding Services to create diversions and cater for all the children’s needs. At any event children are out of their routine and in a new environment and if part of the Bridal Party have had a very early start to the day.

Regardless of whether you want to invite your younger guests or feel obligated to do so, they should be looked after and catered for. It doesn’t matter how well behaved a child is they can be disruptive when they become tired and restless.

Managing the Children

If the children are seated at the reception an Activity Table for the children is a great idea however an unsupervised group of children is the fastest way to go from elegant reception to mischievous behaviour.

It all depends on the children, sometimes it is the first wedding that they have been to and are unaware of the importance of the day. Our services create safe environments and games and other entertainments, craft activities and quiet times for the end of the night.

Wedding Nannies can ensure all children receive their correct meals and drinks, supervise dinner, and assist with toileting or nappy changes and more importantly keep the entertained.

All appreciate and treasure in the services we provide. With the children being cared for by a Wedding Nanny parents can relax and celebrate such a romantic moment and celebration in the family.

Ask for Kid Friendly meal options.

Be thoughtful when choosing the food you want to serve to the little ones. Most caterers are willing to provide a separate meal plan for children.  It will be less expensive for you and the kids will be happier with food they love.  Some popular ideas include chicken nuggets, mini-pizza’s and pasta.  Consider having the staff serve the children their meals first especially at an evening reception — since kids eat on a schedule, even while the adults are standing enjoying entrees and drinks. Children are not very patient when they are hungry and tired.

Maintain a Sense of Humour

Despite the fear that people will instil in you for inviting kids, children do bring instant surprise to a wedding (not to mention a lot of laughs). Dedicating a small amount of time to catering for your younger guests will create an enjoyable atmosphere for all your guests and parents so that they can relax and enjoy the occasion. Ensure that the only tears on your wedding day are tears of happiness, not the cries of bored or restless children. Not only will the kids appreciate it, but also parents will be able to relax and enjoy the celebrations.

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